Discover Robe (Tour B)

11 Stops
Duration: 02:00:00
Distance: 10000

Robe has a remarkable history!

For at least 30,000 years the area was home to the Boandik First Nations peoples. In 1839 the first European settlers came and Robe became one of southern Australia's busiest commercial trading ports then later, in the l850s, thousands of Chinese migrants travelled through Robe on their way to the Victorian goldfields.

Today Robe is home to about 1500 people, is a commercial fishing port and a popular holiday destination, but remarkably still boasts more than 80 historic buildings and sites each with their own unique and interesting stories.

Embark today on a new journey through Robe and let today’s modern technology transform the way you engage with its amazing stories of people and places. You will be involved, informed and surprised as new information, interactive tasks and challenges await you.

(Adapted from Harfull, L., 2013, 'Almost an Island - The Story of Robe', Wakefield Press, Adelaide)

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