Robe Cemetery

Compelling tales lie buried beneath the hundreds of gravestones and towering memorials in Robe's historical section of its cemetery.

Recognised as having national heritage significance, the cemetery reflects the area's rich and diverse history and contains the graves of pioneering pastoralists, those drowned at sea, and emigrant settlers from across the world who came to Robe to make new lives.

Discover some of these fascinating stories in the videos below, however a dedicated website with app attached called “Tombstone Tourists” has been published by the Robe history group and provides comprehensive and captivating insights into the lives of many more of the men, women and children who have been part of Robe since the township was first proclaimed in 1846.

Scroll down to play the videos and look for a very interesting challenge to complete while you are here.

(Research sources: see video credits)


Cemetery Challenge