Eliza Seymour

Eliza Seymour

Eliza was born Elizabeth Drought. Her father purchased poor scrub land at Mount Barker and because of the difficulty in making a living off this poor land, their teenage sons soon became restless and hearing of the rich, well-watered country at Mount Gambia set out on a trip of exploration.

They left with a bullock dray and an Aboriginal boy, they camped near where the Killanoolahomestead was subsequently built on the bank of the Bool Lagoon when tragedy struck. Henry told the Aboriginal boy to hand him his gun, the boy passed the gun muzzle first and it exploded, killing Henry. They were faced with a problem of getting the body back to Mount Barker for a Christian burial a week’s journey in hot weather.

I'm sceptical of ghost stories, but this one is too authentic not to repeat.

What was afterwards confirmed to be the exact hour of Henry's death his mother saw him open the door of a shed in the garden and pass through the doorway. She was surprised as she did not expect him home so soon, but not alarmed. She called out to him and followed him into the shed which was empty. She went back into the house crying and told her husband and daughters that Henry was dead. She went into mourning. And when the sad cortege came home some weeks later, she walked several miles down the track to meet it in some extraordinary way she knew they would return that day. Eliza died in 1885.

(an abridged version of the video transcript)